Stephenson (through ~p200)

Reading through this section is where I had finally got the connection of the Hackworth story and Nell’s story. Nell had the primer that Hackworth had created, but had lost and I concluded that Harv is the one who mugged Hackworth along with his friends because of the nunchucks he had recently brung home. Overall, I am enjoying this futuristic twist that Stephenson is giving off by reading a book. Being that Nell is always home alone and no one pays much attention to her, besides Harv when he isn’t out with his friends, she relies on the this book. Miranda is programmed to tell these stories to Nell, which I caught on too and connected it with Miranda being sort of like a mother figure to Nell. The primer takes care of Nell, as if her own mother would and Nell learns a lot from reading the book, which brings me to this interesting point.

Stephenson is basically implying that reading a book is educational because of how much Nell has progressed and she has reached the point where she can read some of the text herself, which shows her growth. He also implies that reading is calming because of the playroom scene where Nell is basically getting bullied by other children and he shares that books hold interesting history by sharing the dinosaur tale story. Another thing I think Stephenson emulates well is how a book can be a best friend because Nell is neglected even when her mother is around, but since her mother is constantly getting a new man like every couple of months, she is outcasted. Nell relies on the creativity and exploration held within the book to calm her and take her to a world of piece, which is something I admire about Stephenson’s novel.

Source: Stephenson (through ~p200)

Posted by danisharogers   @   21 April 2018

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