Stephenson (through ~p300)

Hackworth has created this primer that everyone wants and now has to create thousands of them, which is technically impossible. While reading Stephenson shows us that a book can save someone’s life, which is through the actions of Nell and Harv fighting off Burt. Since Miranda can see everything that’s going on she fears Nell’s life, which is how she helps her survive by telling her these creative survival stories. The only I question that arose when reading this is why isn’t Miranda able to make out who Nell and Harv really are because now it makes me think that Bud was just a figment of the Primer or was he a real character.

With having this primer, it’s allure changing experience for Nell because she has endured so much abuse in her life at a very young age. The interesting factor is that a book just gives her the optimism of an old wise man or someone who is always happy and never sad. This is something I like about Stephenson’s novel because he shows us just how much of an impact a novel can have on one’s life, especially with everything that Nell has faced. ┬áIt’s as if he is telling us that yes reading a book can have an impact on your life, but no matter how hard times get you just have to persevere and push through every obstacle thrown at you. Nell’s character is very strong, but while she is dependent upon this technological book she has a developed a wise mind from learning to read and has grown to be a lot more intellectual, which we see she and Harv meet the Constable. ┬áTechnology has it’s pros and cons, but when it comes to this novel I would definitely say the pros out weigh the cons mainly because of Nell and Miranda’s characters, but Miranda’s character interests me a lot.

Initially I figured she was just a figment of Clay’s imagination, but it’s more so the program that she has, but through this technological program she faces the hardships of being a single parent. Miranda is raising Nell and educating her, which is something she should’ve gotten from school. The fact that Nell cherishes this primer just shows how much of an impact reading it has had on her since she was first introduced to it. I think Stephenson is also trying to imply that while we are becoming a digital society we shouldn’t allow that to stop us from engaging with novels and learning from them.

Source: Stephenson (through ~p300)

Posted by danisharogers   @   21 April 2018

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