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3 December 2016
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Ending 2016 Academics

This semester has been a rough patch for me, but I managed to make it through. Being as though this is my junior year of college I would think things wouldn’t get as stressful as they’ve been the last couple of months. I’m a very organized and responsible person, but …

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27 November 2016
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Embark On A Creative Journey

Poetry is what you make it, so your creative skills count. Showing someone how to write in ways they aren’t use to can change the entire flow of their creative mindset, so instead teach them something different and allow them to explore their options.
In this video I am sharing a …

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17 November 2016
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Got Flowers Today

I wanted to share this poem with you because there are plenty of men and women in this world who face a relationship of domestic violence. As well as men and women there are children who live in households surrounded by domestic violence and are sometimes victims. Many people are …

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12 November 2016
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The Rough Patch

The most hectic time of the semester
Everything just hits you at once
From tests to projects to scheduling for spring
As well as graduation for some of the seniors
All your stress forms into one ball
You try to plan out all your tasks accordingly
But somehow you miss a few
So much has hit you …

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3 November 2016
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To The Blogs We Go!

Hey Hey,
Here I am trying this blogging thing out once again, but let’s get this started.
My name is Danisha Rogers and I’m a junior journalism-new media major at Seton Hill University. I enjoy writing because it allows me to express myself freely without any structure. If I’m writing a poem …

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