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7 April 2018
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Sax, “Our Love Affair with Digital is Over”

When it comes to determining the difference between digital and analog, I would definitely say that analog is the old fashioned way of doing things, where as digital is the 21st century.  With digital, it’s basically everything being handed to us rather than us working for it. Examples of this …

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4 April 2018
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Kirschenbaum, Ch 3

In these two chapters Kirschenbaum was focusing on the evolution of the computers and the different types of word processors, which I found very interesting because I didn’t think there were so many different types. I honestly always wondered how microsoft word evolved to be what it was today and …

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4 April 2018
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Kirschenbaum, Ch 1

Throughout these two chapters of Track Changes I noticed that Kirschenbaum was focusing on the introduction of the word processor and how writers interacted with it for the first time. It was interesting because they were going from a device that they’ve known for years to something that was so …

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26 March 2018
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Bush, “As We May Think”

When seeing a machine like this anyone from generation X and Y’s immediate thought is, “What the hell is this and what does it do?” By taking a look at this video you’re introduced to an older form of technology that can be viewed as a computer or an upgraded …

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26 March 2018
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Borges, “The Garden of Forking Paths”

Immediately reading this, I was upset that the first two pages were missing because I figured it would take way from the story. The fact that it began like that just gives the readers a better chance to figure out what actually happen as they finish reading through the first …

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25 March 2018
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Borges “The Library of Babel”

While reading through The Library of Babel by Borges, I often found myself making connections with William and Jorge from Umberto Eco’s, The Name of The Rose. In the very beginning when the narrator was talking about the hexagonal shape of the library I immediately thought back to when William …

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23 March 2018
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Participation Portfolio 2

From blogging to reading and reading to projects, my brain has been on an academic overload. While I am enjoying the fact that I’ve started reading and blogging  again, I feel as though sometimes it wears me out mentally. There’s so much hidden information in these books and I’m kind …

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22 March 2018
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Typescript Project Progress

Initially I planned on doing the history of the typewriter, but I struggled when I was trying to find information on it. I changed my topic to typography since that was something that was introduced in Simmonds book and I felt like this would be a more interesting topic, especially …

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21 March 2018
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Simonds: Lasting Impression

Just like If On A Winter’s Night A Traveler by Italiano Calvino, Gutenberg’s Finger Print was an interesting and fun read. I went from enjoying reading, to disliking reading and back to enjoying it, especially being that I am very particular when it comes to books. Being introduced to a …

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21 March 2018
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Simonds: Book

This section really made me think about the power of books, more so because I had flash backs of certain books I read due to this quote, “book burning is a favorite tactic of conquering heroes and political megalomaniacs”(280). Immediately reading this quote the only thing that stood out to …

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