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19 March 2018
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Simonds: Press

 I would say that press is the more developed and revolutionized version of ink or maybe the older cousin. Press was only developed because of ink, if we didn’t have ink we wouldn’t have a press and the press allowed us to get information around much easier, even though there …

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19 March 2018
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(AHHHHHH) Type Writing Experiment

After watching the video about the medieval help desk we had an activity where we had to test out using a type writer. Starting off I thought this would just be so much fun because I think type writers are so cool and I would have fun using one. BOY …

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18 March 2018
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DK Book

The press section is what I found interesting, more so because of the machine, but also because it’s the evolution of newspaper. While, I haven’t yet read the press section in the Gutenberg book, there was some interesting facts in this section, such as appearance. In this section they said …

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17 March 2018
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Simonds: Ink

Reading through this chapter just made me think about how fortunate we are for the evolution of ink because if it wouldn’t have been changed constantly how would we be writing. What would be our source of ink? Would we even have ink or would we have to write on …

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17 March 2018
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Simonds: Type

Reading through this section made me connect everything back to my very first media lab class when we had got involved with the Setonian. This was like the basis of understanding all “electronic” writing and formats.  Before taking the media lab course I didn’t realize that font and type face …

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14 March 2018
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Simonds: Paper

Reading through this portion of the book was exciting for me, mainly because of the whole paper creating process. I haven’t ever thought about creating actual paper myself nor did I ever think of the creation and thought behind paper overall. Just thinking about how people took their time out …

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12 March 2018
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Simonds: Front Matter

Reading through this first part, I was making connections with my Publication Workshop (PW)class when Gutenberg mentioned the poetry, “I called them flash fictions”(9). In my PW we did an exercise where we added on to one another poem lines and short story lines, which was interesting because we had …

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1 March 2018
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Calvino, through Ch 12

“Reader, it is time for your tempest-tossed vessel to come to port,”(Calvino 253).
I must admit these last three chapters weren’t as fun as the other chapters, but they held some interesting information. When reading through, I was starting to notice some connections with the names from the previous chapters in …

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1 March 2018
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Calvino, through Ch 9

Reading through these three chapters, I noticed that sexuality was a big part of them. It was almost in every section that intimacy was being bought up, which I was a bit shocked, but hey it’s a book. Anyways, while I was reading there was this quote in chapter 8 …

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1 March 2018
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Manuscript Project

The feeling you get when you have to hand write an assignment without any lines on the paper.
Today I am sharing a project I created for one of my courses, Tps Media and Culture: Future of the Book. This is a manuscript project where we had to find a topic …

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