Monday, 09 Sep 2013

Topic to be covered in class

Travel Writing Exercise

Students visiting DC for EL227 will attend the Newseum (news museum) from about 9:30-noon; they are then free to do whatever they want in the afternoon, so long as they are back on board the bus at the given time (around 5pm).

The assignment that goes along with this field trip includes posting 10 social media updates, and follow up within a week with a 500-word travel journalism story, posted to your blog.

My assumption is that people will use Twitter, with the hashtags #shu-dc and #el227, but if you have a good reason to use a different service, I’m open to suggestions.

Travel journalists are permitted to express their opinions, within certain conventional limits; if you are a creative writer, this kind of writing may make you feel very much at home.

If, for some reason, you can’t update your Twitter feed while on the road, then take lots of pictures and, when you get back, pick 10, write thoughtful captions, and assemble them into a single blog entry. You can submit this collection of 10 photos instead of the livestreaming updates, but either way I’m still asking for the 500-word travel journalism assignment.
I don’t actually expect you to write your 500-word blog entry while you are on the field trip.
The follow-up travel report will be submitted and evaluated as part of your regular blogging portfolio, but you are of course free to post it earlier, to submit it and/or expand it for publication somewhere else.
If you cannot attend the Sep 28 field trip, please come to class with at least one suggestion for something you can do instead.
Remember, if you are a member of a team or club, it’s a conflict of interest to report on what your group is doing; but if you happen to be in a particular town with your group, and you think you could get away for long enough to see something newsworthy, feel free to suggest it for this assignment.
Note that you could still write a travel article on a location that is close to where you live, so long as you think the destination would really be of interest to people who live far away from it.


  1. reginasolomond says:

    I wasn’t able to live-tweet from Carnegie Museum, so I assembled a blog of captioned photos instead:

    And here is the article itself; Carnegie Museum has something for everyone!:

  2. Cordelia says:

    I Drink For My City: Homesickness, Alcohoism, and Life Outside the Big Ten

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