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Wednesday, 02 Oct 2013

Topic to be covered in class

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Reeger

Jennifer Reeger recently joined Seton Hill as director of media relations, after working for 14 years at the Tribune-Review.

She won’t be delivering a prepared speech. If you have any questions you’d like to ask about her career, or if you’d like a quote for a SHU-related story you’re working on, here is your opportunity. (Come prepared to ask good questions.)

Respond on your blog

Current Events

1) What is a current event that you feel affects you as a student at Seton Hill?

Check news.google.com for breaking news and updates for ongoing stories. On your blog entry, link to those stories.

2) Find examples of quoteworthy quotes in stories from two different news organizations. What does each quote contribute to the overall story? What makes the quote worth quoting (as opposed to paraphrasing)?

To what extent does the quote you chose match the formula I’ve recommended? (Note that I don’t say the formula is the ONLY one that works in journalism — just that this formula will usually work if you’re stuck.) If you do find a quote that matches the formula, great. If you find a quote that does not match the formula, but works well anyhow, that’s also great. Why did you find these particular quotes worth discussing?

On the same blog entry, write about your examples, and demonstrate you can apply to these quotes something you’ve recently learned about journalism.

3) Based on your analysis of the quotes you found, revise one quote that you’ve submitted for an assignment in EL227. You might change the punctuation, the way you attributed the speaker, or the function the quote plays in your story. (Remember that in journalism, introductions such as “There were several diverse opinions represented among the speakers” is unnecessary — just quote some diverse opinions.)