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Friday, 04 Oct 2013

Topic to be covered in class

Preview Term Project

Proposal/”Pitch” (2pts) (Oct 18)

More than just a topic. Topic, angle, names of confirmed sources for a 1000-word story, plus proposals for 2 sidebars (photo spread, 200-word article, infographic, video or audio); quotes from a preliminary interview with a main source; links to recent articles on the same topic, with an explanation of how your proposed article will be newsworthy. (This will probably be a Canvas exercise, with some peer feedback required… details TBA.)

Update (3pts) (Nov 13)

This can be in the form of an informal memo, with bulleted lists and personal statements. If you need help with photography, layout tools, ideas for sources, potential conflicts of interest, or possibly changing your topic, now would be a good time to ask. (This will probably be a Canvas exercise, with some peer feedback required… details TBA.)

Draft (5pts) (Nov 18)

600 words + 1 side

Quiz 6 (Nov 22) will involve learning page layout terminology, which will help prepare you for the next project milestone….

Layout (10pts) (Nov 25)

1000 words + 2 sides, laid out in format specified by Setonian Magazine editor (deadline for publication in Setonian Magazine may be earlier). This will require you to reserve time outside of class time to learn the layout software. (You will be provided with a template, but you are free to introduce your own design ideas if you wish.)

Final (10ts) (Presentations Dec 04 & 06)

Complete Package, polished, fact-checked, submitprepared for online publicatiopn.and publication-ready




Topic to be covered in class

Quiz 3: AP Style

Quoteworthy quotes. (Rescheduled from Monday.)


Quiz 3 will have some fill-in-the-blank, some short answer, and some revision activities.
Bring your AP Stylebook. Be familiar with sections related to time, names and titles, and to the punctuation guide entries for comma, hyphen, and quotation marks. (I recommend that you use your Google Doc personal cheat sheet to help you study. You will be permitted to consult your AP Stylebook during the quiz.)
Other material covered in class is also fair game for the quiz.
There is no need to study the Lars Catastrofe / Elizabeth Mount material for Quiz 3.