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Friday, 25 Oct 2013

Topic to be covered in class

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Quiz 4: Reporting with Numbers

We’ll start this at 1:05. Turn in page 1 by 1:30. Take page 2 home and turn it in Monday.

Key Concept

Prefer Active Verbs

What is verb tense? (The main ones are past, present, future.)

What is verb voice? (The main ones are active and passive.)

What is verb mood? (Indicative, imperative, subjunctive.)

Why should writers prefer the active voice?

Is the passive voice wrong?

Activity outside of regular class hours

Group Reporting Project (Update)

In your small groups:

One person should create a Google Doc with the collaborative “reporting with numbers” assignment that I asked you to do for Wednesday.

Share that document with all your group members.

Also, share that document with me.

Remember to update your personal Google Doc styleguide, with notes on what you need to remember as a student journalist.