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Monday, 02 Dec 2013

Respond on your blog Topic to be covered in class

Exam Preview


Final exam preview.

Based off of what has been on the previous quizzes, what should you of expected to be on the final? A review might peak your interest, or for all intensive purposes you may be completely unphased.

See eggcorns (Sporcle eggcorn game)

See AP Style Quizzes

I am less interested in you getting every one of these right… I get about an 85% when I try to guess what I don’t know. What I do want is for you to get into the habit of looking these things up.

You do know I’m going to ask you what are the five freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment, I’m going to ask you to define “objectivity” (seeking a definition that has NOTHING to do with being goal-oriented), I’m going to ask you to explain the Rosenthal Rule, and I’m going to ask you to use words like “media” and “bias” correctly… right?


Before class Friday, each student should blog about one AP style detail (from your group’s assigned quiz) that you found particularly tricky; give the question, describe why the right answer is tricky (or why the “wrong” answer seems like a good idea), and state where in the AP Stylebook you can find the correct answer. (Give the title of the entry you looked up, rather than the page number.) Use the “Blog Me” feature & make sure this page shows a link from this page to your post.

You are welcome to work together, but each person should blog about a separate detail.