Thursday, 01 Nov 2018


Electronic Literature Sampler

This assignment asks you to sample three different works of interactive fiction for 10 minutes each, and then pick one of those works to interact with for another half hour. (If you get stuck, you may switch to a different work.)

You may choose works that are currently being evaluated in the 2018 “Interactive Fiction Contest“.

Or, you may choose works that were selected for the Electronic Literature Collection Vol 3.

Or, you may search the Interactive Fiction DataBase for games that might interest you. For instance, you could search for the word “horror” or “romance” or “humor.”  You can than sample the reviews of the various games you find. One person has posted a list of “IF that’s a pleasure to read,” and one of the games on that list was written by someone you know.

Some of the games you come across may or may not play on your Macbook; some may require you to install a special player. That’s the nature of this cutting-edge technology. Every book works more or less the same way, but digital literature takes many forms.

Post a brief summary of your experience with the three digital works you sampled, and a more detailed account of your encounter with the work you chose to explore in more detail.

You are of course free to spend more time with any work you chose — the guidelines in this assignment simply ask you to find a work that you’re willing to commit to for a little while.


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