Thursday, 01 Nov 2018


Photopia or Lost Pig

This assignment asks you to sample each of two works of interactive fiction for 15 minutes, and then pick one of these two to sample for another 30 minutes.

Photopia is a work of literary interactive fiction. By that, I mean it does not use silly jokes to keep you entertained, it does not try to deliver a game-like experience. Like John Henry Days, it shifts point of view, jumps around in time, and delves into a dream-like fantasy. The events that you witness (and, to some extent, participate in) during the opening scenario turn out to be very important as the story progresses, but the way the various scenes fit together only becomes clear with time. I ask that you give this one a try. You might team up with a classmate, so you can work it through together.

Lost Pig is much more playful — more deliberately game-like. You’ll see what I mean.


  1. Author Adam Cadre responded on Twitter to our class playing 9:05.

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