Sunday, 02 Dec 2012

Respond for discussion

Ex 6: Creative Critical Presentation

Submit your presentation by posting the URL here.

Let your classmates and me know what you are trying to accomplish, and how your choice of a medium helped you to meet your goal.

Submission is in stages:

Sunday Dec 2 is the due date for the multimedia/creative/performance component (posted via a link in a comment on this page).

Friday Dec 7 is the due date for a written component (a 2-page informal essay — about 500 words — in which you explain your goals and assess how your project helped you to reach your goals; upload to and a Moodle forum (in which you post a message inviting your peers to experience your project — with any URLs they will need), and in which you write thoughtful responses to 4-6 peer presentations. (Dec 7 is also the due date for your revised final paper.)


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  2. beccakelley says:

    Who can find the most parallels to the original “Scarlet Letter” in my children’s version of the novel?? Help your classmates find similar characters, plot, conflicts, symbolism, etc.

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  4. rebeckaleveille says:

    What would happen if Mary, from ”The Wife”, wasn’t who her husband thought she was? What if the whole theme of the story was changed by simply changing a couple characters? Find out more on my blog about the new story of “The Wife.”

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  6. tylercarter says:

    I suggest wearing a decent pair of headphones, or listening through quality speakers. WATCH IN 1080p!


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  8. ginastover says:

    Water, water everywhere. Oh Hawthorne, you’re a sly fellow. Follow the link to my explanation of how water is symbolized in The Scarlet Letter with all of my own original photography.

  9. alexmeyer5 says:

    Check out the new ending of the Scarlet Letter! Hope you like it!

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  12. chelseapastal says:

    I decided to go a different route and made a powerpoint instead of a poem. It is a remade short story for children about Huck’s conflict of wrong versus right. I had a lot of technical problems which still cannot be resolved so I emailed you all a copy of the original ppt. Enjoy!

  13. Stephanie says:

    The characters from the Scarlet Letter on The Maury Show? Yeah…. I did it! Come see…

    • Stephanie says:

      Ok, somethings wrong with this because now I don’t have volume! GRRR!

      • Stephanie says:

        I can’t get the PowerPoint to load with volume into youtube, I can’t get it to load into the blog itself, and it won’t email because it’s too big. I don’t know what else to do. I emailed Dr Jerz. Sorry Guys. This is so frustrating.

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  15. allyssayanniello says:
    Okay, I decided to do the writing creative piece that I though of instead of the puppet show. I thought I would have more creative license with this. Hopefully you all enjoy it!

  16. cyoder says:
    I recorded a song about Huck Finn and how Twain uses literary techniques to push an important theme. It’s a bit simple, but I stress my point effectively.

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  18. verniciarogers says:

    See what happen’s when Gilman meets Mitchell

  19. abbeybrown says:

    Sorry everyone, I posted on Moodle instead of here! Buy check out my children’s book:) cool pictures and everything!

  20. verniciarogers says:

    Hey everyone, I know I already posted my project but this is a part two of my project. The first was just an oral presentation to sound-cloud. This next link includes the link to my sound cloud and also the link to the same poem I wrote added to movie-maker, where I have included music and photos. Finally found good ones…Check it out

  21. […] HereĀ are links to several examples from a “Drama as Literature” class (the link refers to an in-class presentation — obviously we will all need to publish our presentations online in some format in order for our peers to see it) and examples from an American Literature 180-1915 class. […]