Thursday, 13 Sep 2012


Inform 7 Exploration

Before class,

  1. Watch this 10-minute introduction to Modern Interactive Fiction.
  2. Watch this 2-minute trailer for a documentary film on interactive fiction. (Optional: a version of the film is available online: GET LAMP… I’m featured at the 12:30, 17 minutes, and around 41 minutes. You may appreciate the snark I offer at 49 minutes.)
  3. In order to understand what Inform 7 is all about, you really need to watch someone play a text adventure game.
    1. Glance at If you’ve never played IF before…
    2. Watch this 10-minute video showing my son (who was 11 at the time) playing IF for the first time.
  4. Post a brief reaction to what you’ve learned about IF so far.
  5. Install Inform 7 (Mac or PC).
  6. I hinted in class that I was going to create a tutorial, but why reinvent the wheel? Aaron Reed created a wonderful 8-minute Inform 7 tutorial.
During class, I will walk you through the steps of programming a simple game. You’ll get the hang of it fairly quickly — trust me.



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  2. Olivia Goudy: Jedi Knight says:

    My initial reactions to IF programming:

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