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“Hello World” Welcome to Coding Poetry

by on Feb.28, 2012, under Uncategorized

If you asked me what I know about computer programming the answer is simple. Nothing. The only experience I’ve had with it is learning to create an Internet website from scratch, and even that I relied strongly on the book for. In high school I wanted to learn hacking so I tried to read java, but gave up once I saw what it was. From these encounters with computer programming I can honestly say it is a difficult task.

In Matthew Kirschenbaum’s article, Hello Worlds, he discusses computer language and its connection with the English language and education. Before reading this article I never considered coding to be poetic, or artistic in anyway. When I usually think of coding I imagine a collection or series of numbers, letters, and symbols used to create something, not a creative or artistic form of language. Kirschenbaum goes, as far as to argue that computer language can be use by students to substitute their need for a foreign language course. “I believe proficiency in a computer language can fulfill many of the same functions — accessibility, self-reliance, heightened critical awareness — as knowledge of a traditional foreign language.”

Learning about this form of coding poetry I searched for it, until I found a site that explained it pretty well. comments on an example of these code poems, breaking them down for others to understand the basics and knowledge behind them. Now, can computer code be poetry?  Honestly, I don’t know. Before reading this article I might have argued that coding isn’t a language, but now I have a different view. If coding can be language who is to say it cannot have its own form of poetry and artistic expression.

We can argue that coding poetry isn’t a true form because non- techy people can’t read it, but how is any different from a poem in German or Korean. I can’t read these poems, but I still recognize them as poetry. Considering I don’t know coding, or tech language I don’t believe I can truly appreciate it. It’s great to see technology and language growing closer and closer, but I wonder if there is a border.







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