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23 January 2018
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Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

When I was first introduced to blogging, I knew I was going to have a love-hate relationship with it. Not that I hate communicating over on the internet, I’m just not good at it.
I have a tough time even checking on my Twitter and Facebook account despite being on the …

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4 December 2015
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Portfolio 5

Timelines: Turned in Portfolio 5
Discussion/Coverage: During the journalism exercise I found it interesting of the whole idea of this adventure where you are a reporter getting a good story. I was a little bit disappointed when you couldn’t go into the crime scene also I feel that the sheriff’s office …

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20 November 2015
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Article 3 Progress

My progress is getting good. I talked with a student who is currently on the lacrosse team and I asked her questions about hearing the larcrosse lawsuit and also her opinion on what effect that can lead to a team by hearing that lawsuit. I also asked her what would …

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16 November 2015
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Article 2 progress

Lawsuit against Amherst College from expelled student offers window into sexual misconduct investigation and hearing process.
In a meeting room on the Amherst College campus in December 2013, a male and female student sat on opposite sides of a dividing screen. For nearly two years — since a night in the …

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16 November 2015
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Article 3

In this article it gives information on student law suites on student loans. You’ll learn why your suing and what happens to you when you lose your case and trust me you will not be happy!

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11 November 2015
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Porfolio 4

Riskiness: My article story wasn’t all that great but it was a good attempt at the very least! Also I feel relief when I asked President Finger some questions I had for her and never felt so accomplished like that before!
Cover/Conclusion: These stories and assignments keeps me learning new things …

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9 November 2015
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Article Process

Rev up your engines ladies and gentleman because SHU Game Club is back with a new tournament! There’s nothing like a good old fashioned drag race to get every gamer addicted…Mario Style! That’s right this tournament Game Club is featuring is Mario Kart and nothing like going through memory lane …

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4 November 2015
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Article 2

Here are the craziest stories that will leave you speechless in the criminal world! In these links are from the craziest news stories that blown everyone’s mind!

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1 November 2015
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Porfolio 3

Coverage: Homecoming Murder Mystery Dinner was very interesting! Never been to one before! It was fun to cover the event and exciting because I love mysteries!
Depth: It’s sometimes hard to go into a deep detail and be interested in it right away but with a little bit of time you …

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16 October 2015
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Mother kills 6 newborns

This Number 2 is Megan Huntsman who confessed to killing six of her children claiming that she was on meth and alcohol at the time of her babies deaths. Many who were close to her never knew how she kept the babies unnoticed before they were born.

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