Appreciation for the Writer’s Words

In society, some may call the writer’s position a lose one. You can either be recognized for your talent to make magic with words or criticized for having such a life. But writers are more than story-tellers trying to make a quick buck.

They reveal the truth about the world.

They record, re-tell, or shape life events for the future generation to understand what life was like in the past and why it happened.

They help spread facts and issues to the public.

While it may be true that originally writer’s were infamous for creating fictional stories, they place some morale of life inside for the audience to discover.

So, a writer’s words may be fiction or nonfictional facts that cross between truth and lies. But it is undeniable writers still carry on the large tasks of translating and respecting “all” words around the world.

Source: DiRenzo, “His Master’s Voice”

Posted by kvance   @   7 February 2018

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