The Superior Type of “Type”

When I looked at this chapter I thought it was quite similar to one of the earlier class assignments subjects, my manuscript, about why handwriting should be taught in the modern world.The reason why I compare the chapter “Type” with my idea is that the way handwriting has changed a personal thought process and it’s high value for communicational purposes.

On page 80-82 of Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, Hugh mentions how writing down his thoughts helped his earlier career building wheelchairs for disabled children. He took his time to create that tilted wheelchair which resulted in a big success when he wrote the idea on paper. How would we be able to jot down our ideas if paper or handwriting wasn’t invented? Would we still have this precious technology without the use of print? These were the ideas that made me think deeper why the text is so important and how paper enabled anyone during the Black Death to gain information from different parts of the world.

This chapter also talked about how the written text on weak paper and that parchment lasted a lot longer than regular paper. I liked how there were different controversies mentioned in paper and text during Gutenberg’s time since parchment was much studier however paper was less expensive and easier to make than skinning an animal and there’s a reason why. I mean from the previous book we read, Name of Rose (along with other classes), that paper was difficult to obtain but I had no idea how stressful process it was to actually gain paper for the sake to write.

I also liked that this chapter surprised me to go back to my manuscript project. It made me think deeper about my subject and that if I revise my manuscript subject I can use this chapter as a reference source to support handwriting.

Source: Simonds: Type

Posted by kvance   @   14 March 2018

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Mar 15, 2018
12:19 am
#1 danisharogers :

Paige had mentioned ink being taken for granted which I agreed with and I feel as though you sort of mentioned that too, with question about how we would be able to jot down our ideas. I feel like everyone should learn about the evolution of ink and paper because we learn about the evolution of technology so why not.

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