When an Idea Starts Out Small…

When an idea starts out small, there is a certain level of patience and credit dues when the idea becomes a real object to the world. The chapter Press in Gutenberg’s Fingerprint has taught that is a taken year of development for an idea to bear fruit than even more-so for the perfect version of the invention to finally come to life. I found the background story of Gutenberg’s printing press to be similar to writing itself than just making paper.

During the times when I write stories, big or small, I never knew when I was truly done with my work no matter how many mistakes or kinks I fix for the final draft. I felt that this quote from the book really spoke to me when the narrator explains the history process of Gutenberg’s printing press.

“No one knew how long he worked to perfect all the elements of the mechanical process” —–Simonds 212

I thought the quote was interesting because of the comparison differences I place in my process of writing to Gutenberg. The only difference that I would speak to him, I, and other “inventors” is of the circumstances and situations we face towards our creations.

I completely agree with my earlier statement that nothing is ever perfect on the first try and patience does come into play when you try to make an idea come to life however, the time for said idea or invention will always be different for everyone.

Just recently I have been writing and re-writing two stories for my school magazine, Eye Contact, for the theme Vintage. One of the stories took longer for me to complete because not only was I playing with the concept and setting of the story but also wanted to reassure myself that the story fit with the theme.

Like I said before, some things just take longer to complete however it’s worth it when you finally get the idea right.


Source: Simonds: Press

Posted by kvance   @   19 March 2018

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Mar 19, 2018
6:04 pm
#1 danisharogers :

I also agree with you about having patience with writing because it’s not likely you’re going to produce that perfect article or essay during your first try. There are always things to critique and improve when it comes with writing, which builds on making you a better writer.

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