What is a “Book” Now?

Books have always been on paper for the longest time, but now people are starting to shift from being unable to read paper books and prefer reading digital books. So why is that?

I’ve had a few personal theories and conversations why there are so many views of different book lovers in the world. There are just some who likes holding the book and others who like to see the book. The book holders are the ones who have to feel the book in order to truly enjoy its contents, they need something to grasp their emotions onto before going on Twitter to rant about the most detestable shipping in a romance novel. The book seers are the ones can only enjoy the book on an electronic device due to the mysterious power of capturing our attention spans for hours on end.

There were a few words that digital books are messengers of evil and killers of the OG written word to extinction, but I feel that statement is more dramatic.

A book is a book no matter what format.

Simonds mentions in the section, Credit to the Codex, paper books are just too difficult to get rid of even in the world of technology and bless that someday,

“Printed Books and some form of electronic readers may find happily co-exist, text scrolling on the screen the usual way of reading, printed books reserved for special purposes, still held in high regard”—(Simonds 281)

This relationship will be no more different with any other technology developed over the years. We still held in memory of the things before the iPod to iPhone X and how that piece has taken music to a whole nother level.

I think readers should appreciate the old and the new school, for without the old you wouldn’t even have the new in the first place.



Source: Simonds: Book

Posted by kvance   @   21 March 2018

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Mar 21, 2018
10:51 pm
#1 danisharogers :

It’s interesting that you mention the digital books because I feel as though they take away from the real reading experience and it’s worse for your eyes. Staring at a lit up screen for a long time becomes stressful, in my opinion.

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