Portfolio 2: In the Middle

Cover Post: This post will have all my thoughts, concerns and personal judgement on my process in Tps: Future media. There will be mentions of past blog posts and class discussion posts about the current reading, Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, and the process for the latest project the Typescript. Other class peers posts will be here about the development of reading and writing technology. As a finale, there will be a conclusion that I have made more process with my knowledge of multiple media.

Depth: During the reading of Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, I felt that I gained more knowledge behind the old and new process of making a book while learning about the historical texts for each section of the story. But what I really received from the book is that all ideas, like making a book, is a long and patient process before the best version of work can finally come to life.

In my blog post, Ink and I, I focused on how the first draft of an idea is not always pretty but it is a start at least. I compared myself with Hugh in the section Ink when he first made attempts to make his own paper. His try may not have been pretty, but the work was still a start to work on until he develops a great paper for Simonds book. I liked how someone with a great history and knowledge of books was willing to admit and accept that you might not get a perfect draft.

But can still work on it.

I also found this idea in other sections of the book mentions other inventors of the printing press who either made improvements or “needs more work” while creating better printing press.

Risks: Some of the posts I’ve done currently may not have been my best work like the others in the past. They look long and well thought when I type them but when I actually see them posted they appear short and feel “lazy” like I rushed through things.

Discussions: On my comments for Ex 3: Brainstorming, Laramie did help me give some more thought about my topic for the Typescript assignment before we did the typescript simulator. I knew that I needed something and I did with my subject, “Typefaces in the Professional Field”, an idea that using “unprofessional” designs for fonts is extended it can actually be more beneficial in expert works and media. Laramie commented on the Typescript Progress that I had “a good game plan with a flexible schedule” along with mentions of my previous hardships during the practice run of the simulator during class. But at least I knew what to look out for when I actually do the final draft of the project.

Timeliness: I still feel that I’m a bit back on the blog posts because I wanted to get a good detail for each section. I have gone back and done a few posts but not quite “caught up” with everyone else because I sought to get a good idea to make my posts about. I’m still doing good with my assignments and leaving comments for my peers for upcoming projects but I need a different plan to keep up with the blog posts.

Coverage: Most of my posts were more focused on the book with few references to past posts earlier in the year. I especially did posts that would be helpful for the current reading because I thought they connected with some of the main points that I found from the book.

Conclusion: I think that I’ve gained a bigger respect and perspective of the book itself. When I read Name of the Rose, other articles, and now Gutenberg’s Fingerprint, I feel all the emotions from the mentioned bookmakers and book writers for the slow process of making a good book and how truly precious they still are even in print. I can only imagine that I’m going to learn more about how to feel and think about Media as the classes go on and write my assignments to the best of my ability.

Source: Participation Portfolio 2

Posted by kvance   @   22 March 2018

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