Old School Books is Losing Interest for “Non-Readers”

When I talk about “non-readers”, I’m talking about people who just can’t seem to take the time to read a book at all. These types of readers are more interested in something outside the pages, more physical where they don’t have to imagine the images and let reality do the job for them. Sadly these readers also don’t even go to a library to anything remotely close to books other than be near them. Instead, like the description in the Library of Babel, they just sit in the library as a hangout spot instead of a place for a different type of “fun”.

Actually losing yourself in the book’s world.

How do I know these types of readers exist? Because I actually talked to these readers during my volunteer work shift as a library assistant in my high school library. I’ve met them before since they all come running to me to get details about the story before the next English class.

Oh yeah, all the time.

I just wished these non-readers could actually see there are books that hold interest on what they like from magazines, sports shows, and TV. But perhaps the problem lies in the library itself because of the electronics inside the library. In Library of Babel, “contained all books”, what if the things inside libraries is what distracting people from trying?

Not going to lie, I think the old days before computers and cellphones forced people to find other ways of entertainment. The non-readers might not have the choice but to read until the day ends so they can party with their friends. Not saying we should cut-off the latest reading technologies, but that we should inspire to convince the non-readers to try to pick up a book. Maybe a book that has something that they really like in reality.

Source: Borges “The Library of Babel”

Posted by kvance   @   28 March 2018

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