The paths A Writer Must Pick

For any writer, any story has an astronomical number of possibilities for the beginning of the story, the middle, and finally the “official” end. I know that some authors make some gameplan about the MC’s relationships towards other characters and with the final decision of which characters will be killed off for the MC’s person to grow throughout the story.

I can say this that I too have some fault with making a “final path” for my story to finally take off regardless of the amazing ideas for the story to reach the final conclusion. It’s hard to know what’s best for your “baby” for everyone to love the story when it’s all grown up and ready to be shared with the world.

I know for a fact that some readers might hate the decision I made but that’s something bound to happen because everyone is a critic. There will always be a reader or two nitpicking telling others that your story sucks simply because they hated the shipping between the MC and love interest.

However, there is this underlying fear that many would hate your book no matter if the material is good.

But that’s ok.

It’s ok to think like that because, in truth, everyone has their own taste in books and you can learn to see why they hate a certain part of the book so much.

Source: Borges, “The Garden of Forking Paths”

Posted by kvance   @   28 March 2018

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