Working on Different Platforms of Writing

What I find interesting about adjusting to a different writing platform is that it forces us to think about what we know from our regular devices and explore how to use the old ones.

The Typescript project, for example, was a completely different experience altogether. We had to slow down our typing speed so that we can make fewer mistakes on the final draft, then for myself, I had to figure out how to screenshot the whole thing despite the lack of tools I would normally receive from my computer.

Though the experience was a bit rough, I appreciated what the project brought out of me because it really made me thought about great words and sentences to add to the final draft. Which I see no different than when people started to learn how to use a computer for such as the Typescript project.

I liked how Kirschenbaum’s first chapter mentions the adjustment and tools that Word Star users were so used too but gave me an idea of what it would be like if I tried the writing platform. Overall, I think to learn how to use different platforms to write would be a great experience to see what your strengths and weaknesses on certain platforms.

Source: Kirschenbaum, Ch 1

Posted by kvance   @   4 April 2018

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Apr 4, 2018
2:24 pm
#1 danisharogers :

I like how you connected the reading with the your experience with the typescript project because that was sort of what happened with the writers in the book. Although, it was a backwards experience for you because you went from using word processor to using a “typewriter”, but you experienced the same struggles.

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