In Life: Digital Doesn’t Always Suit Our Needs

I like writing on my computer.

It’s easy, accessible to pictures or information to help build my stories and worlds, and a lot faster to jot down words than handwriting them.

But there are times that the computer life doesn’t always cut it for me when I really need it. Word does offer some cool things like adding borders, awesome typefaces, and plenty other applications but there’s always something short at the end of the day.

Here are a few things that I lack while typing on the computer:

  • Adding personal drawings to a page: There are at times when I want to create my own pictures, images, even front covers for my work. A shame that I need to go to some other website or app to find and create the image I desire for a certain scene just to make an audience feel that they’re the characters themselves.
  • Printing “your” book: Word doesn’t always have a clear image of what the final print will look like after it’s done. This recent project Chapbook has made me experiment with countless page sizes, margin measurements, and a few mountains of paper so that I can fulfill my requirements. It would be really useful if Word had a “before print” shot so that I can see what the print out would look like and I would stop killing nature by wasting paper.
  • Last but not least, the picture application itself. At times it’s hard to get the right spot you want your picture to be, yes I did rectify this by using text boxes then adding my image into the box so it’s much easier to move and change size around the page. (Even then it’s still annoying)

With paper, there is more freedom and fewer restrictions than computers which I will not deny can give your work a better look at certain moments. Technology is great, but there are a few moments in our lives that paper does a better job than computers.

Source: Sax, “Our Love Affair with Digital is Over”

Posted by kvance   @   8 April 2018

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Apr 8, 2018
7:13 pm
#1 danisharogers :

I completely agree with you about the restrictions of word versus actual paper, which is why I prefer more arts and crafts than word. We’re able to express our creativity more, without just words, when we aren’t limited to certain uses.

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