The Author’s Mind: Coming to Your Brains Near You

Fans, critics, literary analysts has tried so hard to unlock the depths of an author’s mind through their work.

Theories and conspiracies in the work open a small peek into the mind and understand why they wrote that way. In other cases, people would write their own fanfictions from the original storyline and (sometimes) be much better than the original material itself. It’s almost in a strange way, giving a proper respect to the original mind behind the story.

I can’t say I don’t understand the theorists and their obsession to understand their idols because I do the exact same thing when a story has potential but needs a good polishing in order to truly shine. However, this is also a fear for people like myself because it’s almost like stealing and claiming the much better version as your own. Maybe call the edited version a rip-off.

But I’m not about that life. I just want to give the book the respect it truly deserves while paying tributes to the original. I don’t know what an author might think if they ever read an edited version of their story with different changes, but I do know they’ll be stuck in the same position as I’m in.

Trying to read my imaginative mind.

Source: Kirschenbaum, Ch 3

Posted by kvance   @   14 April 2018

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