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The biggest depth I’ve gone into for the Canvas blog posts was the God of War 5 coverage story. The article was the longest one in the book that instantly caught my eye and I’ve dived deeper in why a gamer would be interested in this particular game announcement. The article talks about the changes in the game which gamers haven’t seen and want an explanation why their beloved revenge-seeking war god suddenly changed into a strict father figure for his son, a new character in the game. The introduction was an eye-catcher because when a fan of the game reads the title,”Kratos has been a consistent force in the gaming landscape…” then they have no choice but to continue reading. Their attention has been snared and begin to read the beginning of this destructive character and how they became this new man today. Another reason why I went into so deep in this post myself is because, I too, have been following the game series since it first came out and I can understand the fanbase why they would read this cover story.


The assignments that I’ve done a little bit too easy were the “How-To” project and the “Profile” project. The “How-To” didn’t dive in deep enough about some of the issues I faced with writer’s block and it just didn’t bore bright fruit in the rough draft and the peer review. I haven’t done too bad with the “Profile” project but I was a bit short on the word limit and needed to crank up the volume of the interview questions about what Laramie wants to do after she graduates.


In Maria’s Post about determining the “Audience”, she talks about how hard it was to actually pinpoint the age range for Laurel View Living. She makes a point that this specific magazine is for the neighbors who live in that particular neighborhood but couldn’t figure out the age or genders of the audience. Maria determines that someone may have an interest in businesses or about local events happening there. I commented that magazines like those have an advantage and disadvantage because the magazine can cast a wide net of audiences no matter whom they are.

In class, when we went into a group discussion about interviews and what are the proper steps in an interview was interesting. In my discussion group, we made some comments that we should get the interviewee comfortable before asking the heavy questions. I suggested that we should off light with introductions and easy questions before diving into the deeper ones.

Intertextually: In my “Audience” post I talked about how Game Informer in most cases in video games, gamer magazines would typically target a young male adult audience since in stereotypes only boys have the highest interest in games especially in the past. I dived into that aspect a little deeper because it’s not like girls don’t like video games it’s just there’s hardly any video games made for the female audience. I give some time that the magazine attracts another audience outside of gamers to people who watch anime or sci-fi in Game Informer. I found this interesting because in my perspective people would clash with “Gamer-Nerds” and “Sci-fi/Anime Nerds” would be considered one nerd for having an abundance of knowledge for a fandom they would like.


I turned in all of my assignments on time but I wished I made a bit more room for myself before the due date. On my “How-To” tip article I was stuck on my topic because I didn’t have any new ideas for my topic to beat writer’s block and when it was time for peer reviews I only got up to 2-3 pages. If I had enough time to come up with a different topic, like for the revision of the “How-To” I would’ve made my article more original and a lot more interesting then the rough draft. Other than that small little spat I’ve done pretty good turning in my journals and projects on time.


In my Canvas posts for the three magazines we’ve done, I tried to describe and fulfill the assignment as best as I could. I mainly focused on one magazine throughout the entire thing which was Game Informer, the February 2017 issue for the exercises and identification of audiences. I’ve done a pretty good job keeping track with my journals, few of which I had to go back too when they were due.


Posted by kvance   @   2 May 2018

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