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Lawsuit against Amherst College from expelled student offers window into sexual misconduct investigation and hearing process.

But they met again, though unable to see each other through the screen, at a Sexual Misconduct Hearing on Dec. 12, 2013.

The audience present as the students relived the incident included three Sexual Misconduct Hearing Board members from other colleges, as well as four administrators, a professor and an attorney from Amherst College.

The transcript of the hearing shows that the two students could question one another’s witnesses — rather like amateur attorneys — but were not allowed to address each other directly. If either wanted to question something the other person had said, they typed their queries on a computer and Dean of Students James Larimore read them aloud.

Throughout the hearing, the man repeated that he was so drunk during the encounter that he did not remember anything. The woman explain that while “hooking up,” the man started making “cocky” statements about how he had also slept with her roommate, so she told him to stop and tried to get away. Eventually, she said, she went limp because she “just wanted it to be over.”

You’ll find more about this incident with this link.


Posted by kvance   @   16 November 2015

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