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Timelines: Turned in Portfolio 5

Discussion/Coverage: During the journalism exercise I found it interesting of the whole idea of this adventure where you are a reporter getting a good story. I was a little bit disappointed when you couldn’t go into the crime scene also I feel that the sheriff’s office was a bit too much. I like the idea that you are trying to convince the officer on duty to give you details of the crime but it felt like that option after that or reaction was the same.

Article progress 3: I started a clean slate and decided a story on Christmas on the Hill. I interviewed with Darren Achtezhn who is running the event. He helped decorate the Lowe Dining Hall and Greensburg Room. He also was the one in charge of the decoration and Halloween Costume party this year too. He also told me the traditions and events in SHU that were going on during the finals week. During this week was the Freshman Cradle and also there was the Operation Christmas Basket going on and you could also buy gifts for the upcoming holiday in Maura Hall for a ridiculously low price!

Article Layout: I started my Article Rough draft after finishing my article. I finally managed to work out everything I needed for my story and a couple of pictures as well to help out on the story. I used text boxes so that not only I can separate the text but I can also add color and a couple pictures to make it stand out.

Depth: It was a bit hard to start from scratch into a new story again but I managed to redeem myself for the new story on the Christmas on the Hill events and the traditions connected to that. The Christmas on the Hill tradition has been going on for years that even Darren Achtezhn don’t know how many years the tradition has been running. I also took pictures of the Christmas decorations and learned the decorations was donated from inside and outside the school. In the Journalism Exercise I also felt like the comment I would say in real life would feel like I’m telling a lie because it would make it seem that I wouldn’t keep my end of the deal. However I do appreciate the option to redeem yourself in trying to convince the acting officer in duty to give you information about the case of Little Red.

Cover post: I am now covering the story of the Christmas on the Hill. I interviewed Darren Achtezhn, Director of Food and Services of Seton Hill, and he told me the details of the Christmas on the Hill. It’s a special time where you can have a great dinner with your family and friends with a five course meal being held at Lowe dining Hall. Tickets have been sold throughout November and students can go in for free! Not only that there’s been even more events happening along with Christmas on the Hill this past week after Thanksgiving break was Operation Christmas basket where you can not only help raise money for the needy in the local area but a chance to win on of the many prizes in a raffle!

Riskiness: It was a dangerous point but I changed my previous old story and decided to do a story for the upcoming holiday events happening at Seton Hill. Christmas on the Hill. I also had to make risky decisions of the Journalism adventure to pick wether or not I can get a good story or a bad one and I liked it very much but with a few changes here and there it will be fun to try! That is unless it’s completed.

Posted by kvance   @   4 December 2015

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