Tones in Speech

When someone talks to any crowd, big or small, everyone is going to have a different tone to present the subject. I think that tones are the perfect way to create an atmosphere for the audience to gauge on how serious the speech is to the speaker and about the speech’s topic itself. During my presentations or speeches, I always try to talk loud and clear to the audience to say, “Hey this is important!” to the audience and capture their attention. I crank up my voice even higher when a very important detail or part is next and that the audience should really pay attention to that part of the speech. The tone also gauges the seriousness of the speech’s topic from being light-hearted or deadly serious. If you speak in a high, but chirpy, tone then that means that the audience can relax a bit and doesn’t have to cling to everything word for word. However, if the tone is clear, stern, with no stutters then that means that the speaker is serious and sends a silent signal to the audience to focus on them.

Source: Oral Interpretation

Posted by kvance   @   24 January 2018

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