Connecting a Younger Generation to Old Words of Wisdom

Passage from Plato, “Pahedrus

Soc. “The words of the wise are not to be set aside; for there is probably something in them; and therefore the meaning of this saying is not hastily to be dismissed.”


In any modern day speeches to preach the words from a different time period, it’s hard for any speaker to make a successful click for the audience about something that happened in the past and care about it. Generally speaking, younger audience members will never understand or give small care to what you’re saying because not only are older but you’re also from a different generation where the old words of wisdom don’t mean anything to a fresh generation. Some of the old advice and words don’t properly fit in our modern era because of new ideas and advice change at the drop of the hat. The old advice is still good advice, but if you can’t fully connect to new generations then the advice will be ignored for the young don’t know the world yet. This speaker has to make a connection with younger audiences in order to let the words sink in. There’s no guarantee that audience will still care about old advice, but if the speaker’s words are embedded into the audience member then the speech was successful.

: Plato, “Phaedrus”

Posted by kvance   @   29 January 2018

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