Article Inspiration 1

I found an article from Wired that discusses how parents play a role in teenager’s use of social media. The article isn’t a hard news story, so it takes more of an opinionated tone with the title “Don’t Blame Social Media if Your Teen Is Unsocial. It’s Your Fault.”¬†However, I chose it because I enjoy writing about topics like social media, since they are relevant to almost everyone. I think it would be interesting to get different perspectives on a topic like social media from students and faculty. Since Seton Hill provides all students with Apple products, I think it’d be very relevant to hear what people from this college have to say. Although I wish this article was more objective, part of the reason I chose it is because it inspired me to think of more objective approaches to this topic.

Even though it could’ve been more objective, there were good things in the article that I’d incorporate as well. The person that the author interviewed was a researcher, so most of the information came from her. In my article, I’d make sure to interview multiple people to get this kind of information. I also liked how this article wasn’t a hard news story, because it would be boring if it was. Since we’ve predominantly focused on hard new stories in class, I’d make sure to have a different approach than the inverted pyramid style.

I’ve learned a lot in class so far about writing articles, and I’m confident in my ability to demonstrate my skills through my own article. By interviewing a variety of multiple sources, I would have more quotes and opinions, and those drive a good story. I would also do some background research to provide accurate information about my topic. Along with that, since we just read a chapter in our textbook about different ways to write stories, I can apply this knowledge to the way I structure my story. Overall, I think writing about a topic like social media would be interesting to me, and it would be a great opportunity to practice my journalistic skills.

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