Article Inspiration 2

In my post for Article Inspiration 1, the article I chose discussed social media, and I thought it would be interesting to write about Seton Hill’s use of technology. However, I noticed that another classmate had a very similar idea. Since I didn’t have my heart set on focusing on technology, I decided to search for articles that focused on other aspects of Seton Hill.

I ended up finding an article called “Could liberal arts colleges become America’s finest export?”¬†from The Guardian’s website. Since Seton Hill is a liberal arts college, this article definitely caught my attention. I want my article to be about some aspect of the university, so I think writing about why we have the liberal arts curriculum and what people think of it would be interesting for anyone to read.

Regarding this specific article, I think there are both positive and negative aspects of it. Although l thought this article portrayed liberal arts colleges in a more positive way, I believe I would be able create a more biased piece. While staff members would most likely discuss the positive aspects, I’m sure I could find students who don’t like taking required classes. I was also glad the article had an interview, but I want to interview more than just one person. If I do write about this topic, I think it will be informative by discussing the reasoning behind having a liberal arts education. Along with that, it will be driven by quotes that show the opinions people have about this topic.

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