Article Inspiration 3

My first article inspiration was a piece about the role of¬†technology in the lives of young people, although it wasn’t the best article in terms of objectivity. I decided to switch my perspective for my second article inspiration, this time focusing on liberal arts education in college. My investigative article will be about the liberal arts curriculum at Seton Hill.

For my third article inspiration, focusing on visuals, I chose the article College for the Masses¬†on The New York Times website. It’s difficult to find articles about college that include any images, let alone multiple. This article discussed the benefits of attending college, and included a focus on a specific college graduate’s story as well. The images consisted of a photo of the graduate, a piece of art, and a chart. I liked how none of the images in the article were the same, showing that photo creativity is possible for articles about college.

Although I hope to include more photos of people, this article gave me other possibilities as well. While I might include generic photos, like the campus or images of professors teaching classes, I could take creative photos of the students I interview. Along with that, I could always implement art to make a point, or I could research more in depth and find a chart or similar visual. I don’t have a definite plan for pictures yet, but this article definitely gave me some creative ideas if I get stuck.

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