Article Progress 2

I have completed a lot of work within the past few days for my investigative article. On Friday, I interviewed Dr. Fran Leap and junior Blaine Brubaker, and Sunday I interviewed senior Chris Dollinger. Leap talked to me for nearly an hour, as she is the chair of the liberal arts committee and had a lot to say. Brubaker gave me the perspective of both an upperclassman and a music major, which was interesting to hear because she has a lot of major-specific courses to balance with liberal arts. Dollinger talked about his senior internship and gave his thoughts on completing the liberal arts courses over the years.

I had planned to interview Dr. Wierszewski on Friday, but she was unable to make it to campus that day, so I will interview her on Monday. Along with that, I have been emailing with freshmen Haylee Schreiter and Brett Segala to work on interviews with them. I have also been in touch with my friend from Ohio State, Courtney Poholsky, and I should have all of her interview answers by tonight or tomorrow.

Along with interviewing, I have also been conducting additional research online, including on Seton Hill’s website. This has allowed me to compile specific information about the curriculum, and it also has given me background knowledge so I don’t ask wasteful interview questions.

I am hoping to have all of my interviews completed by Monday night, so I can work on having a solid draft by Wednesday. Also, I must decide on what to do for my images. So far, I have a lot of work done and a lot of work to do!


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