News Writing Portfolio 5

Cover Post:

It’s hard to believe that this is my last portfolio for the news writing course. It was a little more difficult to create a portfolio this time, since we only had a few opportunities to post anything on our blogs. However, I think my last few entries are evidence of how hard I have been working to achieve our course goals, especially with my investigative article. I was very pleased that I had more than one discussion this time as well. This last portfolio mainly showcases reflections of my work on my investigative article, and also my continuous growth as a journalism student.


The best example of depth for this portfolio was my Article Progress 2 post. In this update, I discussed what work I had done for my investigative article in multiple paragraphs. Rather than give a simple paragraph update, I gave the names of people I interviewed and what I thought was most important about those interviews.


In general, I think the entire investigative article was a risky project, since the liberal arts curriculum was a vast topic to take on. Some of my risks were evident in my Article Progress 3 post, especially my interview with Dr. Wierszewski. She was extremely ill the week we needed to do the interview, and luckily we were able to complete it. However, my other risk was having to practically rewrite my entire article so the writing curriculum changes were the focus.


Since most of the responses for this portfolio were article progress updates, there were not many opportunities for intertextuality. However, in my Current Event response, I included links to both of the websites that I discussed.


Despite not having many posts for this portfolio, I was very happy with the amount of discussion I was able to participate in this time.

Alexi Sakalik commented on my Article Progress 3 post to ask me questions about our article assignment, which I answered. I left a comment on her Smith College response, where we discussed how much schools should be teaching about journalism and the First Amendment.

I also left a comment on Calli Arida’s Article Progress 2 post. Her article was about ISIS, so I suggested incorporating the Paris attacks into her article since they had just occurred. She agreed, and we both wondered if the attacks would change the outcome of her survey.


Once again, I was able to submit all my blog posts before the class period they were due. This is something I did successfully all semester!


I believe all of my responses for this portfolio fit in at least one of the above categories. In terms of coverage for the semester, I completed all of my assignments.


In my first portfolio, I said that the course goal I wanted to achieve the most was to “demonstrate a thorough familiarity with the conventions of journalism.” After a semester of news writing, I believe I have been able to achieve this goal, which is evident in all of my portfolios. Although I had some experience with journalism in high school, this course has vastly improved my ability to write journalistically, and also improved my knowledge and understanding of journalism as well. 

My first semester at Seton Hill was definitely a busy one. This gave me a better understanding of what the lives of journalists are like, and I have gained a deeper respect and appreciation for their work. As I spent a great deal of time with news writing, media lab, and other work with The Setonian,  I can honestly say I have achieved my initial course goal and the others as well. I have learned a lot about journalism, to say the least, and I know I will use my knowledge as I aspire to obtain a journalism minor here at Seton Hill.

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