Can You Read or Write Cursive?

When I was in elementary school, I remember learning how to write in cursive. Aside from those lessons in elementary school, the only other time I used cursive in a school setting was when I took the SAT’s in high school, and it required copying a few lines in cursive before you signed your name. Besides school, the only time I really ever use cursive is for signatures.

I was able to read Dr. Jerz’s passage pretty smoothly, and I think I have retained my knowledge of cursive in part because I love writing. The main struggle I have with cursive is ┬áthat when I write anything besides my name, sometimes I have to look up a few capital letters that I rarely use to accurately remember their shapes.

I find it interesting that as kids, we were told how cursive was important because we would use it a lot as we got older. However, I barely use cursive in my daily life as a college student. As we study manuscripts in our course, I think it will be interesting to study how the written language has changed, especially because cursive has seemingly lost some relevance in modern culture.

Source: Can You Read or Write Cursive?

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