Twenty-Six Old Characters

As I watched “Twenty-Six Old Characters,” I found it interesting that the video explored how different writing tools have affected the way we have written over time. I never really considered how cursive writing was created because it was a faster technique based off the writing tools that were available. Gaining this understanding gives me a deeper appreciation for cursive, especially because many of us consider it difficult today.

Something else that stuck out to me in this video was how cursive writing has given us customized forms of writing because of our signatures. I never considered how technology has given writing more personalization, which makes me appreciate the uniqueness of my writing.

Since the video is a bit older, I also found it interesting to compare the oldest forms of writing with our writing today. Some of the earliest forms of writing were simple symbols based off pictures. With writing today, we often send emojis and other visuals to convey our emotions. It’s interesting how even though technology has advanced, we use simplified symbols today like humans did before a lot of technology existed.

Source: Twenty-Six Old Characters

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