Eco: Fifth Day

The fifth day in The Name of the Rose was pretty crazy for everyone.

I was not surprised that Severinus was the latest victim, especially after he nervously told William and Adso that he needed to show him the “strange book.” Also unsurprising was how Bernard Gui immediately put Remigio on trial to convict him for the murders. Even though Remigio was innocent, Bernard did not care; he just wanted someone to serve as the guilty party. The fact that William still wants to pursue the truth of the murders after this once again shows his intellectual maturity, and also shows that he has a heart.

While books still played a role during the fifth day, especially the “strange book,” speech was very important during this day. Bernard relied more on fear tactics to manipulate Remigio, which opposes William’s way of calmly talking to people to obtain information and piece it all together. I gained more respect for William after the Bernard and Remigio scene, as he truly wants to arrive at the right conclusion in the most morally correct way possible.

Speaking of speech, Jorge also gave a pretty interesting one about the Antichrist. People may think he’s weak because he’s blind and an older man, but I’m still not sure why William and Adso aren’t investigating him more. He has the ability to maintain people’s attention and grip them emotionally with his words, which can be dangerous. Also, it seems like he’s thought about this speech way too much. If someone gave a well-thought-out speech about the Antichrist with all these murders going on, I’d be suspicious.

As we move into the sixth day, I’m interested to see if William and Adso can get their hands on this book. After all, the book seems to be very connected to the murders. I guess that’s the power of words for you. I think William described the plot of the novel best:

“‘Because of a forbidden book, Adso. A forbidden book!'” (Eco 420)

Yeah, that’s pretty accurate.

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  1. As I was reading through this day I was trying to figure out what was the importance behind this book and why these deaths were occurring. Reading on and finding out that there were secret letters in the book, just made it clear to me that these letters were the reasons behind the deaths. The only thing left to find out is what secrets the letters held pertaining to Venantius and Berengar.

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