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It’s now the sixth day in The Name of the Rose, and it seems like the forbidden book is responsible for yet another death. But this time, the situation is becoming dire as the abbot asks William and Adso to leave the abbey the next morning. Needless to say, the suspense during the sixth day kept my attention as I read.

One of the most interesting parts of day six for me was learning about the hierarchy of the abbey, specially how the librarian is traditionally next in line to become the abbot. I’ve never heard of a hierarchy like this, but I think it shows how much the monks valued knowledge. Since the librarian is next in line, the hierarchy is essentially trying to set up the person with the most knowledge to become the most powerful person in the abbey. It may be different than what we’re accustomed to today, but it makes sense that these monks who valued writing and knowledge so much wanted someone intelligent in charge.

I also found it interesting how Adso’s “dream” was actually him placing people into a story he read in the past. Something Adso said stuck out to me:

“I was now realizing that one can also dream books, and therefore dream of dreams.” (Eco 467)

This struck me as one of the most thought-provoking phrases Adso has said so far, and I related it to the article we recently read about memory. If we take the time to reflect on what we read and truly understand it, we remember stories well and they become a part of our subconscious. Stories are always a part of us and influence how we think, and as Adso said, how we dream.

Since we’ve seen Adso struggle throughout the novel, I felt proud of Adso in a way for being the one to provide the answer to enter the secret room in the library. Ironically, Adso thought what he was saying was irrelevant knowledge, but it ended up being extremely important. It just goes to show that it’s beneficial to have a lot of knowledge, because you never know when you’ll need it.

There was also a lot of humor in this section of the novel, especially between William and Adso, which made for a more entertaining read.

“‘And what if the abbot finds us?’

‘We will pretend to be a pair of ghosts.'” (Eco 488)

Adso doesn’t think that’s a practical solution, but I give William props for at least coming up with some creative strategy.

I also appreciated Adso giving probably the best description of a facepalm that I’ve ever read:

“He gave himself such a great blow on the forehead that I heard a clap, and I believe he hurt himself.” (Eco 488)

Don’t feel bad William. I’ve done that quite a few times too.

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  1. I agree with you about the hierarchy of the abbey because I didn’t know the librarian was next to become the abbot, so that was something interesting. Also I sort of connected those things because of the book that William is looking for and I figured, it’s possible it could hold secrets of the abbey and the current abbot.

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