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Media and Culture Portfolio 3

After another semester of blogging, the end for our Media and Culture class has arrived. Although the stress of the semester took a slight toll on my work, the quality of my content did not falter. For my final Media and Culture blogging portfolio, my posts continued to be strong in the areas of depth, riskiness, and intertextuality.


Although I think most of my blog posts could fit under the category of depth, one of the first posts that I think exemplifies depth is my Bush, “As We May Think” post. Along with incorporating quotes, I also wrote an in-depth analysis about Bush’s article.

Another prominent example of depth was my Sax, “Our Love Affair with Digital is Over” post. I analyzed multiple quotes in this post and wrote multiple paragraphs discussing the article.

While writing about Kirschenbaum’s text was a continual risk throughout my blogs, I believe my Kirschenbaum Ch 3 & 4 and Kirscenbaum Ch 5 & 6 posts also fit into the depth category. Similar to my other depth posts, I wrote multiple paragraphs and engaged with quotes.

All of my posts about The Diamond Age exemplified depth as well, including Stephenson, Through Page 200; Stephenson, Through Page 300; Stephenson, Through Page 400; and Stephenson, Through End. I wrote an in-depth response for each of my posts about this novel, analyzing quotes for each section and discussing the main topics and themes.


There are many posts from this portfolio that could be classified under riskiness, but a few examples stick out, such as Kirschenbaum, Ch 1 & 2Track Changes was a very challenging text to engage with, but I still gave my best attempt to analyze quotes and other aspects of Kirschenbaum’s first two chapters.

Another example of riskiness was my Research Article post. This process was challenging and risky because I was unsure of my research topic, but I felt confident in my ability to write an academic paragraph about my source after I overcame the initial feeling of uncertainty.

My Stephenson, Through Page 104 post was also a challenge because Stephenson’s text was a complex work of fiction. However, despite my initial challenges, I ended up engaging well with the text and this post could easily fit under my depth category as well.


Although I constantly made connections and references to previous course readings in many of my blog posts, my Borges, “The Library of Babel” post was one prominent example of intertextuality. I compared Borges’ work to The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco throughout this post and expanded on these connections.

Another example of strong intertextuality was my Borges, “The Garden of Forking Paths” post. While I discussed Eco’s text in my other Borges post, I made comparisons to Italo Calvino’s If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler in this post. I also discussed multiple TV shows and discussed the differences between visual and print mediums.


A few of my posts sparked discussions in this portfolio. Danisha left comments on both of my Borges posts, which I responded to, and she also commented on many of my Stephenson posts. Although blog discussion was not as large in this portfolio, I participated in all of our class discussions on Canvas and left in-depth responses and comments.


I was fairly successful with timeliness in my second portfolio because I used my week of spring break to get ahead. Unfortunately, assignments from this course and others caught up to me, and my timeliness for this portfolio faltered a bit. Although I did not post everything as early as I hoped, my content was very strong in various categories when I did publish my posts. Even though timeliness is something I wanted to improve for this portfolio, I did still compose many blog posts that were high quality.


Although I fell behind on some blogging assignments, I still believe all of the posts I did create for this portfolio were of high quality. I could categorize each of my posts into at least one of the above categories, so again, I am happy with the quality of my blogging content.


This semester was definitely my most challenging one at Seton Hill so far. While there are certain areas I would have liked to improve for my final portfolio, I am still content with my posts, and I especially believe they all exemplified the category of depth.

Throughout my final posts, I made strides to achieve our course goals by analyzing and evaluating more issues related to “knowledge, thought, and literacy.” The Borges stories and Stephenson’s text in particular definitely challenged me to engage with the complex issues they discussed. Similarly, my critical thinking and writing skills continued to be strengthened by interpreting and writing about the complex issues in the texts from the various authors.

My final blogging portfolio for Topics in Media and Culture is not perfect, but it is evidence that I continued to engage with our course goals throughout the final portion of the semester. The history and future of the book are complex topics, but interacting with the course content through my blog was a beneficial way for me to demonstrate my knowledge.

Source: Participation Portfolio 3