Adam Cadre’s 9:05

Whenever my group and I first completed the Adam Cadre’s 9:05 game, we got on the freeway and left the town, and that was the end of the game. However, we were really confused because we had no idea why we were leaving the town, and figured we had missed something. Then, my second time playing through, I ended up dying trying to get to the office, so no luck there. Finally, I figured out the twist with the corpse in the bedroom and tried to get the ending where I would made it the office and presumably get arrested, which did happen. It was interesting how we got the “good” ending right away, but it wasn’t emotionally fulfilling at all, so we felt like we were obligated to go back and see how many endings we could reach.

It was helpful being able to play this game in a group. We sampled a text adventure game in our Media and Culture class last semester, so I was slightly familiar with the format, but it’s still frustrating trying to figure out exactly how to phrase a certain command. Being able to share our thoughts and help each other out made it a little less frustrating and a little more entertaining.

Source: Adam Cadre’s 9:05

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