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Last semester, I took a course on Topics in Media and Culture with Dr. Jerz, and we had a brief unit about interactive text. We also watched the video about the monk who had trouble opening a book, and although we might find it humorous, it goes to show how much technology affects what we write. The entire experience is different, and when a new medium is introduced, you have to “relearn” how to read in a way. As someone majoring in communication in addition to journalism, I definitely understand how important choice of medium is. Different mediums change your experience as a reader and writer, and we have to be aware of that.

In the Media and Culture course, I remember we collectively tried playing a text adventure game. It was frustrating to figure out the correct commands, but overall, it was interesting to put yourself directly into the game and experience the story as a character yourself. From the writing perspective, text adventure games definitely involve a lot of writing and storytelling, especially because you have to create different storylines depending on which choice your reader makes. I agree with Dr. Jerz’s point that making a text adventure game is a “very writerly process,” from the fictional story to the actual coding that is needed to make the story work.

I’m actually working on an interactive text project similar to the text adventures games for one of my journalism courses. My idea is to create a hypothetical situation where you’re an editor, and you learn information about the ethics and principles of journalism with real life scenarios. However, which information you receive will be dependent on which option you decide to take. It’s definitely a challenge to write different storylines, especially because I’m also incorporating facts, but in my situation, creating this text adventure game will be a good way to display my knowledge of journalism and improve my creative writing and research skills.

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