Electronic Literature Sampler

The first work of electronic literature I tried was called Adventures with Fido. You play the game as a Corgi in your backyard, and you can stumble upon a variety of adventures. I ended up finding an underground mole kingdom, and you have to do various tasks to help the moles. I didn’t advance super far in this game because I was keeping myself to the ten minute time limit, but I found it very entertaining to play. It felt more like a game and not just a story you have to enter commands for, and I like how there isn’t one particular order that you have to complete the adventures in. It’s a silly story, but I thought it was engaging and would definitely keep playing it.

The second work I tried was called Time Passed. You play as a man who wants to confess to his friend from middle school that he had feelings for him. This interactive text was very short, as it only took me about ten minutes to complete. It’s definitely less focused on “gameplay” and more on telling the story. You click on different words to advance the story, and certain words give you background context but then take you right back to the story. It’s very linear and definitely more of a traditional story.

The final interactive text I attempted was called The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas. You play as a mouse who wants to show his daughter what Christmas looks like before they go into hibernation. It’s very similar to the Adventures with Fido game, as you have specific tasks to achieve, but you can take your time exploring and figuring things out. This game had a lot of different places you could go, so I mostly just spent time exploring the world, but I think it would be interesting and fun to return to.

Source: Electronic Literature Sampler

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