A Tale of Two Tortures

When presented with the opportunity to write a research paper, I wanted to make sure I chose a topic that I was truly interested in. I was apprehensive about choosing 1984 because I felt like that novel has already been analyzed extensively, but I remembered how I compared it to A Clockwork Orange in one of previous blog posts. The idea dawned on me that I could compare the torture sequences from both novels, and I’ve been pretty fascinated with my analysis so far.

Researching and comparing two novels can be challenging because most of my sources only talk about one of the novels. However, that’s what makes my paper unique – I’m the one creating this comparison. It’s also been interesting to see how both novels can be viewed from a psychological lens. When I read 1984 in high school, I wouldn’t have ever thought of analyzing the story that way, but it has opened up a new way of thinking about this story.

Aside from catching up after falling behind on assignments, I think one of the biggest challenges has been trying to understand the science aspect of my sources. Research involves more than just pulling quotes from a story – I have to look for sources that clearly explain the scientific ideas and incorporate those in my paper.

Going along with this idea, in my group discussion in class on Thursday, I talked to my peers about finding more sources to include in my paper. Since I’m not quite hitting the required word count, incorporating more viewpoints can add to the quality of my paper.

Source: Wildcard

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