News, Arts, and Sports Writing Portfolio 4

The end of the semester has finally arrived, and throughout the News, Arts, and Sports Writing course, I have added to my knowledge of journalism. Although there were not many blog posts for our final portfolio, I believe all the posts I did create fit into at least one of the categories of depth, riskiness, and intertextuality, which were strong throughout the semester. In addition to my blog posts, my online interaction with my peers about their term projects added to my discussion category.


Although all of my posts fit well into the depth category, the example I am choosing for this portfolio is Principles of American Journalism Ch6 + Code of Ethics. I chose a simple quote from the chapter and discussed it in detail, and also incorporated a bit of intertextuality by discussing the Brian Williams scandal. I also wrote multiple paragraphs about two different codes of ethics, including one that was completely new to me.


The post that I think was the best example of riskiness was Principles of American Journalism Ch7. I wrote about topics such as censorship and the First Amendment, which are complex topics. I’m also not an expert on legal matters and history, so it was more challenging to engage with this chapter. However, I tried to discuss what I learned from this chapter of the text and also wrote about censorship based on previous experiences I had in high school.


My strongest example of intertextuality for this portfolio was Principles of American Journalism Ch8. Since the authors wrote about Edward Snowden and how he leaked information to journalists, I went into more depth about this situation and the significance of it in relation to journalism. Like I’ve done in previous posts, I once again brought up the journalists who uncovered the Watergate scandal in this discussion as well.


My most significant discussions over the last few weeks of the semester occurred on Canvas about our term projects. In the Term Project Pitch and Progress discussions, I left feedback on my peers’ posts to tell them what I thought was strong about their projects and how their projects could be improved. Since I was not physically present in class, I asked Rebecca and Rachel to send me an update and any components in progress, and I worked with them to help improve their projects.


As much as I tried, timeliness simply was not one of my strong areas this semester. However, I was not rushing to finish all of my blog posts at the last minute, and I also was always on time getting my feedback to my peers so they weren’t left waiting. Since I was on time with my feedback, my editor reflections were also consistently submitted before their deadlines.


I believe all of my posts for this portfolio fit under at least one of the above categories.


This semester was chaotic, to say the least. However, even though not everything was perfect, I am still very content with the work I did for both the News, Arts, and Sports Writing class and my independent new media project. One of the goals I identified at the beginning of the semester was to “develop an appreciation for how journalism educates the public.” These final few chapters of the Principles of American Journalism book gave me a much better understanding of the challenges journalists face, and how they sometimes must go to great lengths to inform the public in the most effective way possible. The other goal I wanted to focus on was to “examine the role of the journalist in a democratic society.” In addition to the readings and blog responses, I think my new media project gave me a much better understanding of the role of a journalist in our society. In addition to all the normal tasks and challenges I already knew about, creating an interactive project using a medium I was not very experienced with made me realize the significance of the medium in journalism. In a time when the future of journalism is uncertain, the role of the journalist involves more than just writing good articles – journalists must be innovative to effectively inform the public as technology advances and people’s expectations change. Overall, I am happy with the work I have done for this course, and I think it has better prepared me for my future career.

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