Rainbow Hector Fan Fiction
Sep 30th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Rainbow Hector vs. Evil Hector Trilogy
Rainbow Hector isn’t as evil as was previously believed by the 1998-2003 technical writing students of Eau Claire, WI. There was a slight mix-up between the real Rainbow Hector, and his twin, Evil Hector. The stories here were told to me by Hector himself, and I have written them out and er…modified them a bit. Here are the Hector stories for your enjoyment! —Danielle Preston McKay, a beloved former student of mine.

Blogshares Report
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Who Buys Rainbow Hector Weblog Shares? (via Jerz’s Litearcy Weblog)
Who is deb_c and why, why did she purchase 2,500 blogshares of my Rainbow Hector Weblog just a few hours ago?

Anti-Hector Site
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Rainbow Hector’s power is not always fully understood. Google has cached the Anti-Hector Home, a page apparently created by one of my former students whose heart was closed to the message of good cheer and kindness that is Rainbow Hector.

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Hands Off!
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Wilda, who has patiently mentored me as I take over her role as advisor to the student paper, stops by my office. We are chatting about weblogs. She works for Seton Hill University’s National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education. I’ve been trying to get her to consider publicizing the center’s activities via blogging.
In the middle of the conversation, she spots the Rainbow Hector I keep on my desk, picks him up and asks about him. I tell her that, for some reason, I keep a weblog devoted to Rainbow Hector.

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Moving to MovableType
Sep 14th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

I’m getting to know MovableType, and slowly converting the entries from my old hand-coded Rainbow Hector Weblog.

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