OctoDog (via The Stupid Store)
Dec 29th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

“It’s so pointlessly perfect, we can’t wait to begin serving octodogs to all our friends and relatives.” — The Stupid Store
Okay, it’s not a hectopus… but you can always chop off two legs before you serve it. Meanwhile, those of you in the Northern Hemisphere can take a look at The Great Winter Hexagon.
(Thanks for the suggestion, Mike. I think Rosemary suggested this link to me years ago, but it must have been before I started keeping the Rainbow Hector weblog.)

Evil Cybernetic Hectopus
Dec 10th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

The ad copy calls it a “plush talking octopus’ but I see only five legs and room for at most a sixth.
Electronic Plush Sort ‘n Speak Octopus
A tip of the multi-colored beanie to Danielle, who calls it a “Hector cousin”. I say this is more like what you get if an evil cybernetics genius gets ahold of Rainbow Hector DNA.

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