Another E-bay Sighting
Nov 24th, 2004 by Dennis G. Jerz

Thanks, Rosemary, for reporting another eBay sightings:

eBay item 5935582404 (Ends Nov-24-04 05:25:17 PST) – 21pc Infant/crib toys,Fisher-Price,KidsII,Baby GAP,GUND
1 Soft plush octopus rattle, has rattles in the tenacles. very good condition.

E-Bay Sighting
Nov 24th, 2004 by Dennis G. Jerz

Not quite an octopus, but still…

eBay item 5935781538 (Ends Nov-24-04 18:42:32 PST) – LOT 8pc Toys Teethers Musical Catterpillar – Baby Boy
Super soft octopus with rattles in his tentacles!

Moral Dilemma: Rainbow Hector Going to the Dogs?
Nov 1st, 2004 by Dennis G. Jerz

I returned from class to find a message on my answering machine… a woman from Florida says she’d be willing to pay “anything” for one of my remaining Gund Rainbow Hectors.
I am always willing to help out a fellow devotee, but I wish she handn’t told me she wanted to buy it for her dog!
More specifically, her blind dog (who follows the jingling sound it makes when it bounces).
I have seven Rainbow Hectors here in my office, including two still sealed in their shipping bags. Assuming that I do sell her one of them, how do I choose? Would I rather a hectopus stay in my office safe from harm, or get slobbered and loved (possibly to pieces)?
Perhaps I need to get out more…

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