Rainbow Hector Teaches Active and Passive Verbs
Oct 25th, 2013 by Dennis G. Jerz


Hector Teaches Active and Passive Verbs
Oct 7th, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

Dr. Jerz tossed this fine fellow at me during class today to illustrate the difference between active and passive voice. I’m pretty sure he’s a hexapus although I originally wrote hectapus. “Dr. Jerz threw the hexapus at Katy” versus “The hexapus was thrown at Katy.” I shouldn’t EVER forget active and passive voice again although I’m sure I will eventually.

Good thing his throw was a little short because I would not have caught the poor thing! Anyways, the hexapus made a great desk buddy during the lecture, and I wanted to share his adorableness with the rest of my class. —Katelyn Snyder

Jul 7th, 2007 by Dennis G. Jerz

Of ferocious tigers and wild strawberries: Engage
Desk toys, like those you find at Office Playground, are not made because people are bored. They’re made because desk jockeys need a mental break now and again. So, who said post-secondary teachers can’t do the same? Check out the website of Rainbow Hector, the “mascot” of a prof at my beloved alma mater, Seton Hill. Dennis has five — six? seven? — Hectors in his office alone.

I Don’t Understand It, But It Includes the Word ‘Hectopus’
Jun 7th, 2006 by Dennis G. Jerz

Axes & Alleys
Utilizing what they referred to as “an insanely easy procedure” scientists at Duke University’s Department of Aquatic Medicine were able to transform two octopuses into one hectopus and one nonapus, with one semi-intelligent tentacle left over.
The operation, which took over twenty-eight minutes to complete, has completely revolutionized the scientific world’s view on cephalopod development.

I’m curious about the “semi-intelligent tentacle left over,” but this short article lacks the depth and wit of similar articles in The Onion. Still, it includes the word “hectopus,” so it’s worth blogging.

Anti-Hector Site
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Rainbow Hector’s power is not always fully understood. Google has cached the Anti-Hector Home, a page apparently created by one of my former students whose heart was closed to the message of good cheer and kindness that is Rainbow Hector.

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Microdoc News Reviews Rainbow Hector
Jul 18th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

"While this subject of Rainbow Hector is a little bit of trivia, the way that the Rainbow Hector Weblog provides organization to the Google database is a good example of the many topic areas where Google is far better off in poresenting good quality information to information seekers because of weblog organization." —Elwyn Jenkins, Writing Resources and a Rainbow Hector Site

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Catch.com Reviews “Hector the Hectopus”
Apr 30th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

“I bet Hector would be more fun if we dipped him in gasoline. But, most toys are…….” — Chad

My (completely pointless and out-of-date) Rainbow Hector Weblog has been metablogged by Catch.com. I don’t know why, and the Catch.com folks don’t seem to know either. Life goes on, and Hector keeps smiling.

“Brainwashed” mentions Rainbow Hector
Apr 27th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

I don’t know why I found this page so charming…maybe it’s when I got to the line “American Hectors are kind of club-footed.” Well, have a look: http://www.uwec.edu/jerzdg/personal/hector/photos.htm The same guy has a Rainbow Hector blog, and there are other Rainbow Hector fan sites out there. I predict that some day someone will name their band “Hectopussy”. (the toy is a six-legged octopus, or “hectopus”.) — Sandy, from The Brain’s Links of the Week

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